What Can I do to Make A Difference?

The world is filled with billions of people, and it may get overwhelming to think of one person making a difference or changing the course of life for millions of people out there. But when the weight of violence, cultural issues, climate problems, wars, and political freedom takes a toll on our lives, then the efforts of even one man are appreciated and enough to send waves of change throughout the world.

Here are 8 ways you can make a difference, if not the whole world; at least your circle, friends, or community can benefit from what you have to offer.

Make a Difference: 8 Simple Ways

  1. Volunteer – Volunteering at a shelter or for a cause is not just an amazing experience but allows you to put your efforts into something worthwhile. This can be as easy as feeding the animals, poor, or even picking up trash in your locality. The best way to give back to the community is by volunteering and showing how much you appreciate.
  2. Smile – Plaster a smile on your face to reflect your friendliness and perhaps to brighten someone’s day. When you’re walking your dog in the park and pass a stranger, smile. One simple, harmless smile can go a long way into making someone’s day.

  3. Teach – Teaching is a noble task. Whether it’s a skill, a subject, a driving lesson, or helping someone with their homework, God encourages imparting your wisdom onto others.

  4. Sponsor Someone – There are numerous organizations seeking people willing to sponsor underprivileged children across the world. It doesn’t take much work since these organizations have an international presence, and you can reach out to them with just a click. Help a child receive a quality education, drink clean water, and eat a healthy meal to make a difference.

  5. Stop in your steps and HELP: It’s understandable when you prioritize your life, family, and loved ones. But there maybe someone out there who could use your help. When you see someone struggling to cross the road or carry their groceries up the stairs, reach out! Lend a helping hand and get a chance to make a difference with your good deed.

  6. Listen and Invest: Stop and listen. Listen to each other, talk and invest yourself in the conversation. We are consumed by technology 24/7 and barely make the time to talk to others face to face. Instead of dropping someone a text, take time out to sit and talk to them. This practice fosters understanding and good communication skills.

  7. Partner with someone to live a healthy life: Sometimes, to motivate yourself, you need a partner at the gym who supports you and pushes you to be your best self. If you know someone who has been talking about losing weight or living a healthy life, urge them and help them reach that goal.

  8. Make a Special Package: Or also known as a Care Package. These packages are creative, easy to make, and affordable. They reflect how much effort you are putting into making someone happy and how much you care. You can stock them with gift cards, chocolates, flowers, books, and other things that someone may appreciate. A small gift can show how much you have been thinking about them.

Good deeds are not expensive and do not require much effort. Some consideration, effort, and thoughtful ideas can help someone feel good about themselves. A world where people look out for each other, are there for each other, and make efforts to make each other happy is a great place to live in.