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In God Cares, But Do We?, Mensah draws upon his own experiences to show how the root of suffering is mistreating our fellow men and women. Mensah shows that God does indeed care, and in order to honor our Creator, mankind must share in selfless love. God Cares, But Do We? reinforces that it is a choice to believe, and no matter a person’s color, race, or sex, they too feel suffering and hurt as part of the greater human family

God Cares for You
– Find Your Faith

Spirituality is a broad term that can describe many things. A person’s spirituality may include an individual’s connection with the supernatural; many people feel connected to some type of higher power. Some forms of spirituality are focused on helping oneself, while others are focused on helping the lives of others.
You should enjoy reading books about spirituality because they offer life-changing insights. You might also find them very fascinating since they are based on ancient wisdom. Whenever you feel lost in life, you can always turn to religion for advice. It will help you get through some rough patches in life and remind you that there is more to this world than just the physical world we live in.
God Cares But Do We are among the best spirituality books that will help you find your faith and be close to Him. It will act as a personal development book that will reignite your faith in God and make you turn to Him for every challenge. He is the only one that can solve every issue and give you a ray of hope.
Kwaku Mensah emphasizes that God cares for you and loves you, but this love has to be in two ways. You also have to put your faith in Him and leave everything to his bidding. Once you have surrendered to His will, there is nothing that can stand between you and your goals.
In this book, Kwaku Mensah shares his life experiences to God in all his glory and as the only one to grant us peace in the time of suffering. Order your copy right now and place your faith in Him after reading today’s best among spirituality books.