What Can I Change in My Life

You often ask yourself, “How do I change my life?” But if you’re really digging deep, then know that the only constant thing in life is change. The more you resist change, the more challenging your life becomes. However, rather than avoiding it, ask yourself how you can change your habits and life to adjust to the constant changes occurring around you.

Change has a dramatic impact on our lives, and there is no way to avoid it because it will continue to change us, challenge us and push us out of our comfort zone in order for us to reconsider the way we live our life.

Now, change is unpredictable. It can come into your life at any day, any moment. It may appear as a chance, a crisis, or a choice. Regardless, we are all encountered with an opportunity to make a choice – do you make the change or not?

You and I cannot avoid the events and obstacles that life throws at us.But one thing that is in our control is how we react. It is our ability to make choices in challenging circumstances that determine our next step. The scripture says,

Philippians 4:6-7

God, Himself, tells us not to be anxious about change and embrace it with faith in Him. It’s no surprise what wonders a prayer can do. An honest prayer directed toward God asking for help can get you through all life changes. God is present. He listens, and He cares. What makes you think He won’t listen to your petition.

Acting on your ability to make a choice gives you more chances to change your life or change any situation that does not benefit you. The more routes that open for you on your journey to change, the happier and fulfilled you feel in your life.

Here are some ways you can cash in on those opportunities to make long-lasting positive changes in your life.

  1. Set Goals

Once you identify your life objectives and visualize how you want your future to look like, its time you set some goals and take action to reach that destination. Acting on the goals you set will enable you to change your life significantly.

Remember, your goals may change in the process, but you need to be flexible enough to change your route. It’s the small steps that matter that you take to make big changes.

  1. Letting Go

Your past will imprison you if you spend most of your days reminiscing the memories or regrets of the past. It will stop you from working towards a better present and future.

The rule of life is simple. You cannot change the things you did in the past. But you can only change how you react to it. Each time you recall an unpleasant memory from the past, challenge it and then change it.

If you’re finding it hard to let go of the past, try visualizing letting go of your regrets or write down your regrets on a piece of paper and then burn it or flush it down the toilet.

  1. Face Your Fears

Real change happens when you face your fears and step out of your comfort zone. There is no growth in your comfort zones. Jesus has always encouraged His people to face all challenges in life with a strong faith in Him. He will get you out of any problem you encounter as long as you have complete faith that God is by your side.