Clothing Line Based off of life situational
poetry book written by me with the gift given
by our creator as well as digitally designed

Through the pain find peace , the sorrow
find joy When life seems unbearable and
you feel beaten Know you have the power

love compassion and values should not be lost
you are in control you are a child of The
Most High and worthy of love first and
foremost love your creator as you are made
in His image and not a mistake. Love
yourself so you can love others. No matter
what you go through what you deal with you
are in control of your emotions your
decisions your actions are a reflection of
who you are as a person take your pain
your sorrow learn from it and grow do not
let it make you bitter. Do not let it consume
or depress you. Do not let your emotions
control your choices in your head or outwards you have total control of your actions

Clothing Line

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Trusting God In The Storm

Knowing Yourself Is the Beginning of All Wisdom

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