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God Cares, but Do We

We need change how we treat and talk to each other. in this book I use the gift given to me by The Most High YHWH to address issues of respect and everyday life. In hopes that we learn to appreciate each other and this life and world we have been blessed to live in

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“God Cares but Do We.” As the name suggests, this book is about God. It takes the most powerful question in the world – ‘Who am I?’ to answer it. The book dwells on exploring the universality of human nature and how every individual connects to the universe to take care of
The book evenly describes the ever-changing faces of God and how He helps us take the reins of life into our hands. It talks about the origins of life, then moves on to ‘Creative Soul’ that talks about youth and passion – two things that characterize every human being’s first steps into world. This phase also shows how one can become selfless in love.
Another part refers to the process where a person learns from their mistakes, understands life better through experience & creates something new by dint of sheer hard work. Finally, a part deals with the final stage of evolution as a soul – wisdom, understanding & awareness of everything around us. It talks about how a person overcomes life’s challenges by being compassionate & caring to everyone around. This is the best spiritual book to read for people who wonder about the nature of life & the truthfulness behind our struggles of existence.
The book is an exploration of human nature and showcases the journey of realization from ignorance to awareness to knowledge. Filled with anecdotes from the author’s personal experiences, it talks about looking within yourself for answers. It also deals with the deeper aspects of human psychology in an elegant way which makes you understand your own self even better. The warmth that runs through this text makes it a delightful & light read!