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      The lack of values and morales in this age is saddening  This Page is for comments and honest reviews if you have read the book. i was blessed to write also for discussions thoughts, and to have open honest dialoganyone wishing to or seeking to just connect discuss and reach out to each other, in the good times and the bad but be respectful, no racism, no hate and no judgement. we all have our issues, our vices demons and faults to me the thing is to honestly have no ulterior motive, other than to see each other succeed on this journey. if i can help, i do and try if i can teach i do but i always look to learn and self evaluate to be better each day, to say we are grown yet resort to childish deadly tantrums when we feel slighted. being grown to me is being in control of my actions my words my emotions. i fail miserably at times but seek to get back up and do better when I'm wrong i admit it and apologize. i don't double down on a lie, the fact that when called out when wrong and people lash out instead of thinking would i like to be in the same situation that im causing? so why treat another with abuse you wouldn't appreciate or tolerate? bring back values morales and compassion we need to bring back civility and stop the decent into brutality and animalistic behaviour saying its our nature is a facade a crutch and a childish excuse to not take accountability for ones actions, words choices that affect everything around us. Evolve Grow Learn Stop allowing hate greed lust control you do not let the words of others define you or your actions if you do that means they control you learn to temper emotion with intelligence and do not speak in haste our avtions our words define who and what we are [video width="1724" height="2158" mp4=""][/video] http://WWW.GODCARESBUTDOWE.COM
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