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Kwaku Mensah

New book exploring morality and kindness is a relevant must-read in 2021. Author Kwaku Mensah has announced the fourth edition of his enlightening book, God Cares, But Do We? Through the gift of poetry and rhyme, Mensah digs deep into the reciprocal nature of respect, listening, and taking responsibility for our own actions.

In God Cares, But Do We?, Mensah draws upon his own experiences to show how the root of suffering is mistreating our fellow men and women. Mensah shows that God does indeed care, and in order to honor our Creator, mankind must share in selfless love. God Cares, But Do We? reinforces that it is a choice to believe, and no matter a person’s color, race, or sex, they too feel suffering and hurt as part of the greater human family.

Thus, Mensah highlights the fact that all people should be one another’s keeper and seek to earn the respect of those around them. Those who seek to be uplifted must first uplift others in order to know the true meaning of ascending to a higher understanding of the world. In these uncertain times, God Cares, But Do We? is a particularly impactful commentary on the ties that unite us all.

Although God Cares, But Do We? addresses questions of religion and faith, Mensah’s work is meant for any audience. His exploration of morality and kindness for its own sake can apply to even those who approach ethical issues from a secular perspective. Appreciating the gift of life and treating our time together as a precious thing is not an inherently religious idea.

Reviewers describe Mensah’s work as “eye opening” and an inspirational resource that “gets you to think about things going on in the world today.” With a lyrical quality and Mensah’s beautiful use of language, God Cares, But Do We? is an insightful commentary on what it means to be human and be whole.

Kwaku Mensah is a 48-year-old author, father, and grandfather. When he isn’t writing, he enjoys repairing computers and putting his IT skills to work. Mensah lives and writes in Washington, D.C.”
Reigniting faith in God is very difficult, but it is also essential to a successful life. As you grow up and try new things, you might start losing faith, and your belief may diminish. Such faith may lead you to do many bad things and procrastinate on work or relationships with other people.

God Cares but Do We are among the best books about getting closer to God. You will realize that if you do not believe in God, nothing will change for the better, and your life struggles will continue to exist.

The best among books on God will make you feel more responsible towards life and find ways to deal with your struggles. No one says this will be easy, but it is essential, and Kwaku Mensah is determined to help you find your faith in Him and turn your life around.
It is not easy to reignite faith in God, but anything can happen if you want it bad enough. So never lose hope; keep believing in yourself and seek God’s help. He will always come through for you when you need him most.
God is great and is always here to help you in your thick and thin. The book will guide you to find a solution to your problems and get yourself back on track. He is the only higher power that can help you, and all He needs in return is your total faith in His plan. We all are His creation, and it is our firm belief that God is the only one we need to make our life better.